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Frequently Asked Questions

What risks are associated with FEES or videostroboscopy?

Research reveals risks associated with endoscopy are mild and very rare (less than 1%) with minimal discomfort (Warnecke et al, 2009).

​How does our facility get started with your services?

Contact us via email or phone to schedule an initial consultation. Following the consultation, we will work with you and/or your facility administrator to obtain a signed agreement for our services. Once we have established our services with you or your facility, we will fulfill requests for evaluations within 48 hours. 

How Does my Facility Get Billed?

FEES procedure is considered a Speech-Language Pathology therapy service (CPT Code 92612).  All therapy services fall under consolidated Billing rules of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997.  If a FEES procedure is completed in the subacute setting, we bill the facility directly per CMS guidelines.  

What if my patient won't tolerate FEES?

Most patients tolerate FEES extremely well. FEES can also be performed over a longer time frame, allowing us to take our time to ensure a client is comfortable and tolerating the evaluation. Research has shown repeatedly both the safety and efficacy of the use of FEES in the geriatric population for patients with dementia, Parkinson's, COPD, anxiety, etc. FEES is also performed where a patient is most comfortable and typically consumes their meals, effectively reducing anxiety and stress related to transporting a patient to radiology or offsite for an MBSS.

how long has FEES been used to diagnose dysphagia?

FEES® has been used to diagnose swallowing disorders since 1988 when Susan Langmore, Ph.D., and colleagues first published data demonstrating the effectiveness of the procedure.

Can any speech pathologist perform FEES or videostroboscopy?

A speech-language pathologist must participate in advanced training and certification to administer both FEES and videostroboscopy evaluations. 

Where can I see an example of FEES?
Are there other names clinicians use to refer to FEES?

FEES® is also referred to as “video endoscopic evaluation of dysphagia” and “bedside endoscopic swallowing test” 

Do you bill insurance directly?

We are able to bill Medicaid, Medicare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, and United Healthcare. We also accept private pay clients.

How do I schedule an Evaluation?

We take referrals from doctor's offices, directly from patients, and partner with local subacute facilities. 

Please contact us with any additional questions. We look forward to speaking with you and the opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of our diagnostic services. 
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