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Evaluations allow us to understand your or your loved one's current communication and cognitive abilities and unique challenges. An evaluation consists of a review of recent medical history, patient and/or caregiver interview, and standardized assessments. 

Following the evaluation, your clinician will collaborate with you to develop a treatment plan, including the frequency and duration of therapy. Together, you will develop goals for therapy to support you in achieving an optimum quality of life. 


Therapy for cognitive, memory, speech, or language difficulties is often both restorative (aimed at restoring impaired skills) and compensatory (aimed at learning strategies and tools for managing deficits). Our approach to therapy is highly personalized and tailored to each individual's goals, whether that is to return to work, confidently engage in social situations, or increase their overall quality of life. 

We also dedicate time to patient, caregiver, and family education to ensure family preferences and priorities are being incorporated into our therapy.

Communication Solutions

Cognitive-Communication & Aphasia Therapy for Adults

There are many reasons adults benefit from cognitive and communication therapy including:

  • Experiencing changes in the ability to form words or speak clearly

  • Difficulty finding words or putting words into a sentence

  • Challenges in understanding what others are saying

  • A decline in short- or long-term memory 

  • Recovery from a stroke or traumatic brain injury

  • Dementia/Alzheimer's related challenges 


No matter what challenges a patient is facing, our compassionate therapists are dedicated to delivering evidence-based, functional, and "real-world" therapy to achieve the best outcomes for every individual we work with.  

Mobile Therapy Services That Come to You

We take the stress out of traveling to therapy by bringing our expert services to you! By addressing your cognitive and communication goals at home, you will be able to easily transfer your new skills and strategies into your everyday life. 

Story Time
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