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Mobile Fees & Videostroposcoy
Our Process

1. Schedule an Initial Consultation

Contact Nicole for your free initial consultation. Consultations take place via phone or zoom. During the initial consultation, we will explain the benefits of our services, answer your questions, and provide information on how to schedule an evaluation or contract with our company. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance.

2. Scheudle an Evaluation

Our services are 100% mobile, meaning we come to you. 

A voice videostroboscpy or FEES assessment typically takes 20-30 minutes to administer. The therapist will provide the equipment and any necessary food and liquids for the evaluation. During the evaluation, our video monitor will display (and record) real-time imaging for the patients and family to see. 

3. Receive the Results and Recommendations

Following the evaluation, you will receive a written report detailing the results and our recommendations. 

If you or your patient requires ongoing services to address a swallowing, voice cognitive, or communication disorder, we are available to deliver onsite therapy as needed.

Why Work With Louisiana Voice & Swallow Solutions?
Reliable Results From An Evidence-Based Assessment delivered By a Trained Therapist
with No Radiology & Transportation costs, Resulting in Reduced hospital Admissions
Convenient Scheduling for Onsite Services Delivering Immediate Results & Recommendations
Safe & Effective
 Onsite Evaluations with no Exposure to Radiation or Transportation Complications
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